Faculty of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

Graduate programs offered by national university

The university began to offer master of human clinical anatomy in July 2015. The first registration for PHD by research was in 2016 in the Faculty of Medicine the graduate programs at the National University Sudan are well designed by experts to achieve well focused outcome. National university provides and secures highly qualified staff and elegant environment (lecture rooms, to date laboratory facilities and equipment, paper and electronic libraries, rest rooms etc for convenient converance of the programs .

Programs by course

PNO Program Study Details
1 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Human Resources Course
2 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Finance Course
3 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Hospital Management Course
4 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Marketing Course
5 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Project Management Course
6 Master of Business Administration Entrepreneurship Course
7 Master of Business Administration General (MBA) Course

Programs by course and dissertation

PNO Program StudyDetails
8 Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences - Chemical Pathology course and dissertation
9 Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences - Histopathology and Cytology course and dissertation
10 Master of Science in Human Anatomy course and dissertation
11 Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences - Parasitology and Medical Entomology course and dissertation
12 Master of Science in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound course and dissertation
13 Master of Science in Hospital Pharmacy course and dissertation
14 Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences - Hematology and Immunohaematology course and dissertation
15 Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences - Microbiology and Infection Control course and dissertation
16 Master of Science in Medical Diagnostic Radiography course and dissertation

Programs by research

PNO Program ModeDetails
17 Doctor of Philosophy in Human Anatomy Research