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Faculty of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

The faculty of graduate studies and scientific research closely oversees the execution of the programs from admission to graduation and coordinates with the various faculties offering graduate programs to grantee distinctive high quality outcomes.

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National university be the leading provider of graduate programs assuring most distinctive ever excelling excellence

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Grantee and maintain high quality standards of graduate programs offered by national university through continuous internal and external assessment to secure sustainability and social responsibility


On behalf of the staff of National University-Sudan, I congratulate you for joining the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research. This Faculty was established after extensive studies to identify the necessary infrastructure and qualified staff to run a unique institute satisfying the high demands in these fields. Again you are welcome and I wish you successful academic career.

President of national university

With great pleasure the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research of NUSU welcomes and invites students and stakeholders to profit from its distinguished high quality programs. The programs offered by NUSU are well designed by experts to achieve well focused outcomes. The programs are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and continuously updated to comply with innovations in knowledge and technology. The National University-Sudan obtained the ISO (International Standardization Organization) in 2009 and accredited by the BAC (British Accreditation Council) in 2015. The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research strictly abides by respect, ethics and social responsibility to conserve legal rights and privacies of the students and stakeholders. NUSU provides and secures highly qualified staff and elegant environment (lecture rooms, to date laboratory facilities and equipment, paper and electronic libraries, rest rooms) for convenient converance of the programs. The teaching staff and  the administrators are always ready for any help when needed. You are most welcome joining the Faculty of  Graduate Studies and  Scientific Research.

Dean Faculty of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research